Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wheeling and Dealing with Some of Life’s Biggest Lessons

What goes up, must come down … and so explains one of the biggest themes associate with the Wheel of Fortune (Major Arcana card 10).

Actually, the concept applies to life as a whole. Let’s face it, things run in cycles:  Day gives way to night, only to give way to day again; Winter gives way to spring, which gives way summer, fall and winter again; Life gives way to death and then to rebirth. These examples are just some of the ones with which we are more commonly familiar.
Anna K Wheel of Fortune

However, what about the more subtle shifts that occur in life? These are the shifts that cause great
internal growth due to a perceived outer hardship.

For instance, there is the beauty and innocence of a first love. It is uplifting and hopeful – that is until it experiences destruction when faced with the challenging realities of the external world. What seems like a crushing blow to one’s heart can give way to a healthy cultivation of a later more mature love.

Another example might be the gift of youthful strength, which eventually gives way to the infirmities often associated with age. This in turn gives way to a greater appreciation for one’s body and a return to self-care.

The Wheel of Fortune is rife with imagery and symbolism to support these ideas. Depicted in the center is a large turning wheel surrounded by images of glory and adversity. It is a reminder of the precarious nature of life and the necessity to make the most of all the situations in which we find ourselves – regardless of whether we consider them to be “good” or “bad”.

In some decks a single hand or a mysterious elder is turning the wheel showing little concern or emotion for the outcome of this shift.

The card’s number – 10- is also highly symbolic. Ten is the number of Karmic completion and resolution. It is where the individual (represented by the number 1) possesses a “clean” slate (symbolized by the number 0).

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up in a reading, it is heralding news of a change of fortune. When the card appears upright, it suggests good fortune is continuing or returning. When shows up reversed, it suggests a streak of difficulty might be headed your way. What is important to remember, regardless of the card’s prediction is the temporary message of the card.

The Wheel of Fortune is not about the events themselves. The situations you experience will either be a test of your resolve or a restoration of your faith. What is important to remember is that this card is about the lesson these events bring to you.

Overall, it is safe to say The Wheel of Fortune is a card of Fate. It is telling of destinies and lessons yet-to-be experienced that -in the long run - are expected to connect you with a greater, richer and more evolved version of your own self and your life.