Saturday, January 10, 2015

Death - Some Things Really Are Unavoidable

The Death card (Major Arcana card 13) is arguably one of the scariest cards to pull from the tarot deck. It often appears depicting a skeleton or grim-reaper-looking character. In addition, it is not uncommon to find some sort of destruction in its wake. When that card comes up in a reading, querents understandably cringe. In order to ease their concerns, I quickly point out that in the vast majority of cases, this card does not mean physical death.
Morgan Greer Death Card

Phew! Right?


My explanation rarely soothes my client. The reason for this is because the person often already knows what ‘death’ is pending in their life, and they are quite averse to it.

Put simply, the Death card means change. It means transitions. It means endings.  Sometimes these are what we consider positive changes – for instance becoming parents for the first time. (A certain freedom and innocence ends.) Other times (more often than not) it is a challenging situation.

When Death shows up in a reading, the Universe is telling us to accept the fact that some aspect of our life – it could be work, love, your thinking, your plans, etc – is about to undergo a significant shift.

And people (including myself) don’t like that.

Without a doubt, I am a bonafide ‘Don’t-move-my-cheese’ kinda girl. I loathe change. I do. I fight it and fight it and fight it. And you know what? I always lose. Always.

However, I am noticing that as I gain more experience in life, the ‘fight’ is leaving my game. I am developing the ability to identify when my fight will bring me the results I seek, and conversely – when it will take my power.

And that is an important lesson to remember with the Death card because ultimately we don’t possess the power to prevent most of the major changes that occur in our lives.

What we can control though, is our response and outlook regarding it.

Upon closer examination of this card, you will see that this while this card does  shake things up, it almost always offers something in return. These prominent offerings include such things as a white rose, a sunrise, a light, and even an outstretched helping hand.

This is the area where we can have some control in the process. By choosing to acknowledge and accept this ‘gift’, we can shift our focus to a more positive aspect of the situation. This doesn’t mean we have to like what is happening in our lives. Rather, it means we are choosing to focus on the positive, and draw strength from the new beginning that is rising out of the unavoidable ending.