Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gaining Clarity With Justice

Justice (Major Arcana 11) appears, by and large, to be a very welcoming Tarot Card - regardless of the deck from which you view it. In almost every deck, Justice presents itself as a calm, balanced and trust-worthy figure bringing reason and fairness to all interactions.

One common image of the card includes the scales of balance. These suggest a sense of even distribution, almost a reap-what-you-sow mentality.

Justice - Radiant Rider Waite
Sometimes our figure is blindfolded, suggesting impartiality in decisions. Other times, she possesses a knowing look – as if she has the uncanny ability to see the truth in all situations.

Often, Justice is presented in long, flowing robes of various colors, representing wisdom and commitment to the process of clearly resolving an issue. On rare occasions, she appears as a lightly dressed or partially naked woman, representing the purity and simplicity of truth.

Always Justice appears with a sword. Its double-edged quality promises to mete out the truth and deliver a fair response impartially and without malice.

Regardless of how she appears, lady Justice primarily represents one thing – an understanding of right and wrong, and the consequences that come from one’s actions.

When Justice appears in a spread, it suggests all parties will get what they deserve – for better or worse.

Another aspect of Justice deals with the idea that the card is synonymous with the word balance.

Besides the even-looking appearance, Justice is marked by the number 11. In Numerology, 11 is considered a Master Number. The focus of this particular number is spiritual enlightenment through the use of intuition, insight and experience.

(Note, in some decks Justice is identified as Major Arcana Card 8. There is no definitive right or wrong number for Justice. My choice to identify with the 11 was the result of my personal connection to the energy of the card.)

The combination of 11 with the Justice card can add a deeper interpretation to the card’s meaning.

For instance, when Justice appears in the spread, it can suggest the querent is developing an inner-knowing about what is right and wrong. By following this moral compass, the individual is living a life more aligned with their deeper personal beliefs. As a result, an inner harmony blossoms and this balance begins to manifest itself in the person’s external world creating greater calm in all facets of life.

This experience parallels the philosophy of: As is above so is below, except it may be better explained: As is within, so is without.

The truth is that Justice represents attempts to create both an inner and outer balance in the life of the individual. These two situations are not exclusive of each other. Rather, they actually co-exist beautifully.

When Justice appears in the spread it tells us the Universe is providing a learning opportunity for this particular individual. The card foretells the fair resolution of a situation – according to the parameters of Universal justice, not human justice or the ideas of the individual.

Justice tells us that the querent will reap what has been sown. Ideally this will be considered a positive outcome by the individual – particularly if his/her actions come from a place of genuine alignment with their higher purpose.

However, if the person has not been making decisions that are in the best interest of all parties involved, then it suggests he/she is out of balance with their higher self. As a result, Justice will step in and provide an external experience designed to assist them in their transformation as they work to become a more highly evolved individual.